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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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97 degrees here in the city, notice manassas cooler, dulles 93, culpeper, 93. look up to frederick, their temperature is 99 degrees. and what i meant to say where it's not so hot, by the water. 's annapolis is not that bad, leonard down, not so bad, along the way, it's not -- along the bay, it's not that bad. the dew point that is dropped for us in town. that helps a little any time the dew point is 70 or higher, you get real high heat index values, it feels like 100 in town, it was 99 in frederick. feels like 106 degrees there with the heat index. back out to the western neighborhoods, not as bad, feels like it's in the middle 90s.
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and sue will talk about the heat advisory again for tomorrow, and then some records, too. >> you know what? we have a little breathe out here, and my -- breeze out there, and on a hot day, i like to put my thermometer in the sun, i thought it was broken, because it was registering 40 degrees below zero, which i realize it was spinning past 120. it still registers 110. and that's what you have to keep in mind is we show you the very warm temperatures on the hot days. they are measured in the shade, and it is very hot in the sun today, and that's what you need to prepare for. you mentioned the heat advisory, it will go until 10:00 p.m., and yes, it is going to kick in again tomorrow, because it will feel like 100 to 105. the humidity has dropped a little bit today, but sometimes when we have that drop in humidity, our temperature gets higher, and so far, we've been 97 degrees.
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it would make it our hottest day of the year so far. very close to record heat. let's show you some highlights here. it's a code orange air quality day. that means the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups. we are going to continue to urge you to check on elderly and children, especially anyone you think may not have air conditioning, and keep an eye on the pets. we will elaborate more, and we do know there is a bend coming our way, so if we can get through tonight and tomorrow, we may have relief that you'll enjoy coming up in the 5-day. >> we're still calling for relief for the weekend, just so everybody knows. be back in a while. first look at the forecast, talk how close we're going to be to maybe pushing records around here for tomorrow. >> laura? >> thanks. remember you can check the weather any time with the fox 5 weather app, you can find it on our website as well. metro is bending the rules
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about bringing drinks on buses and trains, because of the heat. today and tomorrow only, you are allowed to bring and drink water. metro asks that you do use containers that can be closed tightly so you can cut down on spills and leaks. we're following breaking news from capitol hill, a house panel charged eric holder with contempt of congress. it estimate from the justice department's refusal to hand over documents from the failed begun enforcement operation known as fast and furious. under that operation, weapons purchased in the u.s. were allowed to go into mexico. today, president obama inch soaked executive -- invoked executive privilege to withhold them. the house committee voted to charge holder with contempt, and the chance now -- charges now go to the full committee. a deadly shootout on the streets -- a detective shot and killed a man on laurie lane as the detective arrived at the man's house. witness, heard shouting and saw
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the officer running before the gunfire. paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: mr. metro transit authority says the man killed was under investigation for an attempted abduction that took place sunday near the minnesota avenue station in northeast. they say the police initially came out to the man's house, which is right here behind me on sunday, father's day. a neighbor tells me that she saw the police actually come to the house twice. the metro says the detective showed up for a follow up investigation today, and she heard raised voices, the man said do you have a warrant, and she looked up to see, the man with the gun. had what happened next is not exactly clear, but the neighbor says she saw the officer run to his car, and back off down the street. that's when the man under investigation, described arsonist had -- as a man in his
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40s got in a pickup truck and followed. >> what we know, at approximately 12:30 p.m., metro transit police detective was here, conducting this investigation. when he came in contact with an armed suspect. the suspect opened fire on the officer. the officer returned fire, striking the suspect and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the gunfire shattered the rear window of the detective's car, and left bullet holes in the rear of the suspect's truck. >> we are very thankful, grateful that the officer that the detective, was not injured. >> reporter: neighbors and family members say the man who was killed recently lost his job as a security guard at the pentagon and was looking for work. he's married, and has two children. >> he was just, you know, trying to find a job, help take his wife take care of the family, that's all. he's not the type of person to
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runaround with a gun. that's crazy. >> they say some people are built to do certain things. he's not like that. he's a family man, a good guy. all the way around. >> reporter: these men said they have known him for decades and never knew him to be violent. investigators brought a mobile command post to the scene, and spent all afternoon questioning witnesses and documenting what happened. at this time, metro is not releasing the man's identity. however, fox 5 has learned it and we've been able to search some records to look at this man's background. he owns in house, and we could not find anything that shows he has a criminal record. we did find that he took out a peace order, protective order against a forestville man in early june, but it was dismissed as recently as a couple days ago. it says on the order, shall not abuse, but there was no other details as to what that was
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break. >> thank you. dc police are looking for the gunman who shot a man in the face in southeast. it happened in the 2400 block of sky land place. the victim got to a barber shop to ask for help. there's no word at this time on his name or his condition. he was awake, however, when he was taken to the hospital. police identified the victim of a deadly shooting in southeast this morning. brown was killed in the 1700 block of 17th street overnight. when officers arrived, several men barricade themselves in a nearby apartment. the standoff lasted about 8 hours. one man walked out, police eventually rounded up the other men for questioning. investigators tell us the shooter is in custody. harry thomas junior, spending his first day in prison. he started serving his 38 month prison term in alabama today. thomas left dc with his family yesterday. he was sentenced in federal prison last month after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $350,000. he admitted to spending the
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money earmarked for youth programs on luxury vehicles and travel. the defense in the jerry sandusky trial recommended its case, but not before a closed door meeting with the judge. >> reporter: defense attorney had suggested during opening statements that jurors would hear from his client. they would not. at least not directly. >> that decision was made this morning. >> reporter: this late, it was made? >> right at the end. >> reporter: it had one accuser's lawyer crowing. there was expectation built up, and jurors are probably thinking that he will come to the stand and put his best foot forward and while he doesn't have to testify, i think every american knows that, that he would come to the witness stand and say, this didn't happen. >> reporter: among the last
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defense witnesses, 21-year-old david hilton seen here in the black shirt. he testified sandusky was a father figure, that he traveled with the defendant and stayed at his home without incident. he told the jury police had questioned him as a potential victim, but i felt like police wanted me to say something that wasn't true. with testimony now complete, victims' rights advocates made the case that adults had failed to support and encourage the alleged victims here. >> this trial highlighted what happens when caregivers and parents turn their backs on children who are abuseed. >> our coverage of the trial continues today at 5:30. we'll take you live to belafonte, pennsylvania for a closer look at what it's like in the courtroom. also coming up, a deadly attack in afghanistan has claimed the lives of several american troops and a number of others. >> a shocking new study about pregnancy and drinking.
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can moms to be have more than a glass? details ahead.  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created.
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news alert from afghanistanf where a suicide bomb attack has killed three american soldiers. it was at a busy market in eastern afghanistan today. the third time in three daysree that an attack has targeted americans. they were among 21 people whomog died when the attacker detonated his explosive as he approached afghan and american soldiers.
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32 others were injured. state media in egypt reporting that former prime minister hosni mubarak is in a coma, but no longer on life support this. is video from when he was on trial he was ill at that point. the ousted leader suffered ade r stroke overnight and waske transferred from the p orisonomt hospital to a military hospital. mubarak's health during national elections. authorities may delay announcin a winner in the presidential runoff because of the complaints over voting. the district is fighting afi battle against hiv and aids, tha mayor announced good news, he said since 2006, the number of new aids cases dropped by aby third. in addition to that, the mayore says dc has received, has gotte better at treating patients whee they need help. >> isn't that important to be able, when people discover they are hiv positive, or, you know, frankly moving towards havingha
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full blown aids that they don't have to wait month and months. >> one program helping to fightt the disease are the free hiv tests offered to motor at the dmv. the organization behind the tests joins us. angela, thank you. we know this was your brain child, you came up with this idea, it was implemented about a year ago. at this point, how would youint, rate its success? >> i think the program has beens highly successful. to date, we've tellinged over 8000 people at the dmv, and mana individuals reported to us this is the first time they had every taken a hiv test, western able to link -- we were able to lining the individuals that were positive to hiv >> for some viewers, this is the first time they're hearing aboui this program. so they might be apprehensive, wouldn't you think? it happens while waiting in line at the
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e crane -- explain how it workst >> while waiting to receive your service, you will encounter a staff person to talk to you about the hiv testing. and that happens in two places, when you enter and then when yoe sit in n the waiting room. from that point, if you're interested in taking the test,i you are taken into a private office. and our trained hiv counselors will administer the test. using an oral hiv test. >> and if someone tests positive, what happens from there?er >> testing positive, how we treat people who test positive is an important part of our program, so our first goal is ts offer you care on the same day. so the idea that if find outn you're positive while at the dmv, you can go over to theto offices with the program staff, and you can receive primary medical care, you can receiveyo therapy and other supportived ot services for help you deal with this new diagnosis. this has worked so well, are
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there plans for expansion? and offering the service in other places? >> absolutely, we expanded earlier this year, and are offering testing at the income maintenance center, which is the government office that offers residents access to food stamps, medicaid, and other public, benefits. >> bottom line, what do yo u say to the folks who say they aresa scared or know they are fine?e they don't need to be tested?te >> you may be afraid to take thh test, but it's a really important step that each dc resident needs to take, and if you're afraid, you have to tape the leap of faith and get tested. hiv testing day, which is nexti week, is a s great time to do people are listening and they will be tested. angela wood, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you.than in tonight's health alert, a new report shows the teen pregnancy rate has hit an all-time low. according to the national cente for health statistics, the number of teen pregnancies dropped 40% between 1990 and19
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2008.nd pregnancy rates for women in the early 20s has dropped to the lowest level in more than 3h years. researchers say the finding suggests teens are waiting longer to have sex. surprise study about drinking while pregnant. researchers in denmark surveyedr 1600 pregnant women about theirb alcohol intake, and their child's iq when they turned 5. they found there was no significant difference in iq between children whose mothers drank low to moderate levels of alcohol, meaning 1 to 8 drinks a week, and the mothers who abstained. heavy drinking while pregnant, however, has been linked with increased risk of miscarriage,mi fetal alcohol syndrome and low birth rate. some scientists are questioning a federal government decision to link dozens of cancers to the 9/11 disaster, possibly allows victims to be compensated. government officials now say 500 additional cancers could bena caused by exposure l to the word trade center dust. that decision could help hundreds of people gain access
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to a victims compensation fund,a but several experts say there is little evidence to prove the toxic dust caused one type ofo cancer, let alone 50. it is a story you hear abou every day. millions of americans unable ton find work.wor coming up next, story of oneof army veteran who is facing theng same problem. but his solution is unthinkable. he is selling the medals he earned while fighting for our country. had. >> if you have a story idea,st call the tip line, the number on your screen.ur or send us an e-mail. an e-mail.
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army veteran returning homee from war is facing his toughest challenge yet, landing a job. >> until he does, the vet is supporting his family by selling his medals. >> great achievement while assigned during combat
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operations in support ofio operation iraqi freedom. >> reporter: bill is reading tha certificate of received whenca awarded tea medical for a -- mel for a job well done, one of several awards he earned when hh ereturned home in 2009, he thought that would help him lan a job, no problem. >> i was very wrong, and i'md still unemployed, and have three beautiful young children counting on me. >> reporter: that's when heorte wrote on this eb ad. -- ebay ad. >> i decided to place the award online. out of frustration, and test operation. >> reporter: his 9 weeks ofte unemployment r:benefits ran outn last october. he had done everything right,yt went back to hischool, applied everywhere. he sought help from veterans organizations all to no avail. >> i'm used to supporting a family, and being the one that, that earns the income. >> reporter: neighbors arete helping out, hiring him for odd
5:23 pm
jobs like painting fences and building this garden well hewel cuts lawns with his old pushd mower, but it's not enough. >> you're doing >> reporter: so for his kids,o o here he is, having served hishi country with distinction, asking somebody, anybody, to bid on his medals. >> somebody that appreciates the service of, you know, the troops in iraq, that have served. and somebody charitable.le >> the story has been getting an lot of response from cities all across the if you would like to learn more about shepherd's story, go too, and click on web links. big changes could be coming to chinatown, the verizon center wants to make changes to thean outside of the building. ahead, why some people are concerned. >> our coverage of the jerry sandusky child abuse trial continues, defense has restedas its case, we are going live to pennsylvania for details on what
5:24 pm
comes next. >> the man who kills hiskil daughter's molester learns hisar fate.s we'll have more on this story when we come back. 
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. >> sometimes it's referred to as the time square of dc, verizond is one of the largest structures and busiest areas of theof district. now management is asking ths council to allow them to use the structure to expand thee advertising revenue, but somebu are worried t about what the new improvements will look and will sound matt has more on that one. >> reporter: laura, shawn, morea people are on board now thanard they were just a few months ago, the center wants to put up huge electronic billboards, the planh would raise money for the verizon center, but also generate more than $2 million in
5:28 pm
local tax revenue. since the late '90s, the building called the verizon center has attracted thousandstr of new neighbors, hundreds of new businesses, and millions of pedestrians. but owners now want to give the place a facelift, take down theo huge banners, even this old big screen tv, and replace them with new high tech signs. >> we're going to take big cloth signs and make them smaller digital signs.g >> reporter: ted who owners itte washington capitals and the wizards, along with the verizon center says the new signs will look like this, and will allow his company to sell more advertising. >> with the digital nature of the signs allows us to do isdo have revolving inventory.vo >> reporter: but some are concerned the lvsignsor just wot look good. >> most signs will only make more visual clutter.sual
5:29 pm
>> reporter: tom bauer worriesbu if the verizon center is allowen to put the new signs in, the trend could spread. >> there will be nothing to sto the owner of other buildings with flat walls elsewhere from seeking taking advantage of this option. >> reporter: but nearby businesses who were first concerned about the sign changei are now pleased with whatse verizon center management has tn say about the new technology. the new signs will actually emit less light, less noise, and the hope to serve as a place for people to gather and watchand together history in the making. >> i hope one day we're competing for a championship, and you'll allow us to show theh games to our fans i think that if there's something dramatic happening in our city, like in inauguration, that that wouldwonderful gathering place for people to share and watch things.h >> reporter: seems like aep perfect spot, so orby selling te ads once again the district could make millions of dollars.
5:30 pm
ted says the additional revenued his company makes from the sign will basically go right back to help his team, or to help pay down the mortgage at the verizon center. that stands at $125 million. >> wow!>> that's a big mortgage. >> yeah. >> thanks, matt. another big story we'res following tonight, a court date for the spring gorge county council woman who police say wa going more than a 100 miles ana hour on the karen tolls was facing fines up to $500, and 6 points on her license. we are live outside with the latest. john, what happened? >> reporter: there is a verdict next.ic the judge heard tthe case in the trial that lasted most of the afternoon. the council woman has been found guilty of reckless driving, fined about $400, but she got probation before judgment, which is a fairly soft i think this.
5:31 pm
in other words, if she stay, out of trouble, the charges will melt away from her record. however, the video was shown in court, and is being distributed to the media. we'll have it on later broadcasts.dc it is damning. it shown the police officerhe pursuing her, doesn't show her speed, but the police officer pursuing her, racing at speedsat up to 108 on the melt way, and the pursuit -- on the beltway, and the pursuit didn't end there. on branch avenue, she came to a stop, cruiser behind her, she pulls away when the light turns green, and makes a speed up to 80 miles an hour on branch avenue. the judge thought that was reckless driving. the defense failed to suppress evidence, said she should have been mirandized before giving statements. she got probation before judgment, if council member tolls stays out of trouble,o these f charges ultimately will not stay on her record. laura, back to you.k to
5:32 pm
we hope to have more at 6:00. >> thanks for the update. as we told you earlier, the defense in the case against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sanduskyco has acnow rested. the jury could start deliberations as soon as ratomorrow in the case that saw8 witnesses testify that sanduskye sthad abused them.u bruce gordon is live in bellefonte with the latest. thanks for joining i understand there was a closed door meeting today involving attorneys, sandusky, the judge,e was all that about whether sandusky would testify today?esi >> reporter: it's not clear,t paul though the lead defense attorney did tell me late thisla teafternoon that the decision fr jerry sandusky not to testifyto was made at the last minute, literally, this morning. now, read what you want into that. the defense attorneys are almos always going to suggest that myg client wanted to tell his story, but we decided for strategic reasons that it was notwa necessary so take what you want
5:33 pm
but the attorney did say thed decision was made at the lastth mint. during e stopening statements, e implied to the jury that they might hear direct testimony from sandusky, suggested they wouldty hear from of course, they did in a matteri of audiotape and so for forth, there was a lot of expectation that we would see him on theh witness stand. >> what was the reaction inn court when it was announced than he would not be taking the stand? >> reporter: of course, it's noo an announcement per se.nn thoue defense simply relied itse case without him coming to the as the morning drew on, the defense rapping up by midday, by mid-morning, it became clearg, there was no way that jerry sandusky was going to get on the stand, tell his story, and be cross examined and be often the stand. when they said defense rests,d there was a efbit of a gasp in e courtroom. that became sort of official.o we're not going to hear from
5:34 pm
jerry sandusky. >> what are the next steps?ne in xtthe trial tomorrow? closing arguments, prosecutionts and defense for the morning, and midday, we expect the jury tot get the case, one juror was homesick, a female. she's been replaced by another woman, so the seven women, fiveo man composition remains the same. we expect them to get the caset by hemidday tomorrow, andt remember, some folks will sayks well, this is a slam dunk fordu the prosecution. not necessarily, but even if it were, from are 51 separate 5 counts1 involved in the ten cases.n it could take a while. they'll get the case by midday, they are sequestered, and willan stayd overnight, and if need bye work over the weekend. bruce gordon, thank you, ath father accused of using his bare hands to kill the man he foundmn sexually assaulting his daughter will not face charges.ace a texas jury decided not to charge him. he was authorized to use deadly force to protect his daughter. cynthia lee has the details.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: that is the voice of a frantic father who admitswh he beat the 47-year-old in thee7 head and neck so hard, it killed him. him. >> reporter: the sheriff saidore the father caught florez cau sexually assaulting the father's 5-year-old daughter on june 9.n it was at the family ranch off county road 328.d he was a hired hand and immigrant. >> reporter: the district rep attorney says a grand jury didju not spite -- indict him, because there was overwhelming evidence supporting his actions were justified. >> under the law in the state of texas, deadly force is authorized and justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: evidence that not only includes the 911 call and other life saving measures but physical evidence. >> she sustained physicalta injuries that weinre noted by te same nurse and were consistent with all of the witness statements. >> reporter: the father'sr: t attorney says he never intended to go so far. >> he's a peace able soul.le he had no intention to kill anybody. >> reporter: words of the exoneration spread. >> the father and his family dii not want to do an interview, according to the attorney, they are focusing on helping thehel little girl cope with whatwith happened. >> we've been dealing with a lot of emotions, trying to help a young child come with grips thar bad things happen to little children, by bad people. >> it is crime that has veteran police officers shake their heads. a woman was car jacked outsideck
5:37 pm
this store. one suspect was just 10 years old. investigators say he was with a teenager who had a gun. they drove away. one officer said when he was typing out the police report, ho had to do a double take because he was surprised to learn one of the suspects was so young. emergency on one jetblue flight left passengers reaching for their sick bags, what calmed the jolting journey -- caused the jolt jolting journey [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. frightening ride on a plane, on a jetblue ride from las vega to new the pilot forced to make an emergency landing after a mechanical passengers say the plane started to make sharp turns, lurkings, from side to side, it madeit people sick.op it reportedly had hydraulic problems and had to return toto
5:41 pm
the vegas party. the fa -- airport, the faa is investigating. st the students have been h working onav the project for abt four years. last summer, they flew a prototype, now they haveot improved ypthe design, testing t out all week. >> someone in the department had asked an exam question, if it was possible to have a helicopter lift off under human power alone. and so many people started to talk after that. >> if the students can get their creation to hover over ther ground for a solid minute, and reach the height of about 9 fee at some point, they will win awi prize from a helicopter manufacturer. six months after a cruise ship sank off the coast of italy, efforts to remove it are underway. a look at how that will happen. >> reporter: they say america ie in crisis, and that's why ay nonprofit has set up the had
5:42 pm
school desks on the mall. >> how long will this scorching heat stick around? gary has your forecast. forecast. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country.
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when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then,
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people who created theop s.a.t.s have a standardized test to hand out.ha >> ndthey have a message calleda the crisis gein the education system. >> their actions turned somer heads on nethe national mall. >> i'm wondering what's happening here. >> what does it look like? what does it look like?l an assembly? >> here's what this is. 7857 desk, one for every kideve that dropped out of school,of every hour out of every school
5:46 pm
day.ol >> every hour of every -- >> this many people? not going to school? that's just crazy.t had i didn't have any idea. >> nationwide? >> yeah. >> that's >> you're on the national mall, within sight of the washington monument, and you see the sea of desks here, and it, you really think about each desk represent a student that every hour isho going to drop urout of school. it drives home the point, and drives home the crisis situatio in american education. >> the secretary of education, and you are shocked by this visual? >> i think it's so helpful for folks to understand. the biggest challenge is complacency, we need to charo people, get them to -- shock people, get them to understand. >> it's the foundation for theio national security, for jobs, for the economy, for healthcare. when that foundation starts to crumble, which it is, that puts everything else in peril.
5:47 pm
>> what's different abouthat' looking at this? >> you have to quantify, you ca see t it's not just some numberu in space. . >> i do know a lot of students who have dropped out because they don't believe they have a chance in the system, because maybe college what is too expensive. >> what happens to those people >> i don't even want to know. >> what happens? they are more likely to be unemployed, more likely to be incarcerated. >> it's really hard when don't have an education, especially ic this iaeconomy, and i just, i j don't think it's going to turnng tout well for them. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a great visual indeed. a hot day to be out there.o it was utjust sweltering.
5:48 pm
>> it's lesas wea progressed through thes re >> is that right? >> yes. we have dry air aloft and itoft mixes down.ix >> dry air?>> bring it on! >> we go for that dry air. >> it's been a long time -- blo >> what i'm saying, it could beo a lot worse, could be a lot worse, this is just a two dayo thing, and we're wimps, because, last week, we were in the 70s. monday we were in the e remember that?th >> i remember that. >> and this is just a couple of days, i think it's going to be cooler on friday, still going tt be muggy ilon friday, have shows and the weekend not that bad, it'sa going to be less humid, and next week, looking like we'll be awe lot cooler, more unsettled, but more cool. but it's just a couple daycou thing. it's not going to stick aroundud long. summer starts at 7:09 officially, 97 right now, feels like it out there, doesn't it? manassas is 93, i want to show you the heat index, this is the important inumber, how it feel.
5:49 pm
100, 107 for quantico, usuallyic we see fredricksburg off the charts, you know, but it's not the case this evening, at 98 degrees. feels-like temperature western suburbs, soerme of that dry air aloft has mixed down. that lowers the dew point a little bit. it does not mail it feel asas oppressive. fredericksburg is ahead of everybody were a feels like temperature of 106. it feels like the heat advisory is still in effect. in, it goes until 10:00 p.m., and then it will be activated again tomorrow from noon until 10:00 p.m. we'll do it all over again.r heat index values will be 100 t0 105. it's 0looking like you'll be had pressed to really feel hotter tomorrow. temperature maybe hotter but ibu still think it's going to be a lot like today, so tomorrow's story is what we've had today. satellite and radar, nothing rad
5:50 pm
popping up for us. u everything is way down to the south. we may get a couple pop-upp- showers or thunderstorms aroundh the mountains, but unit looks le it's going to be dry. slightly better chance tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening.w we'll have a couple of showers or thunderstorms popping up. isolated. big ridge of high pressure. look at the clouds going to theo north and around. you can follow that clockwise circulation. showers and storms, this is from minnesota back out to parts of iowa, and moving into illinois as well. look, this is where we're going to be on friday, but there's ath frontal system, and as it comes through, it will keep us coolers with the clouds and we'll have l better chance of showers and thunderstorms. until then, this big ridge ofrid high pressure is just going to sit, and progress to the east. and then we'll get in thisi n little trough of low pressuree we start going into friday and that's going to kick off thee showers and thunderstorms, make it less humid for us for the
5:51 pm
weekend. not in crazy heat, we're not talking triple digits back to the west or anything like that. warm and muggy overnight tonight, lower 70s in the suburbs, we'll be close to 80 degrees in the city tonight.y and we do it all over again tomorrow. highest temperatures will warmet into the this is etomorrow at 4:00, a couple showers and thunderstorms, rolling into friday. great chance of showers andsho thunderstorms on friday, and that will help to cool us off,u and that will bring the changee for the still going to be warm thiswarm weekend. temperatures in the upper 80s,pr but it will be less humid, andmi looking at next week, instead on mid-and supper 90s, talking lower to mid-80s. >> nice. >> we'll turn the corner. >> thanks, gary. traffic is moving once agai over the bay bridge, but thise, afternoon go the bridge wasid closed tore about an hour to allow this cargo ship to move through the chesapeake bay. it was quite a sight to see the tug boats pulling the shipll
5:52 pm it is carrying cranes that stretched 14 stories in the air. the ship just narrowly fit undet nthe bridge. north decided to close the span because they thought driversth would be into distracted by the tall cranes, the operation to remove the italian cruise shiprs that ran aground in january isuy underway. it is expected to take up to aup year around cost more thanmore $300 million to remove the wreckage of the costa concordia. >> reporter: it's an ominousorte sight as it lies on the side off the coast.the 30 people died and two are still unaccounted for after the cruise liner hit crocks and capsizednd off the tuscan island.n now, a barge is in place to begin removal of the >> preliminary work has begunha before the ship is stage icedag whiche will happen -- stabilizd the next few >> u.s. will assist in the salvage effort. the ship's radar has beens
5:53 pm
removed and plans are underway to remove the swimming pool, slide and more parts in the coming two cranes attached to an under water platform dee side thesi busch dee side the vessel --se beside the vessel will pull itwi upll right. tourists are flocking to thes ar area to catch a glimpse of the massive ship before its removed. will. >> if there hadn't been any victims, it would have been aav great attraction, it is impressive, but particularlysive when you have children, you just keep thinking of the victims and there is an ugly side to it. >> reporter: tour are boosting the local business. >> compared to other years, weye are busier with the tourism trade. so many people have come because they're curious to see the ship. >> authorities say the costa concordia should be stabilizedah by the ended august to prevent it from slipping into the waters where it ran aground. locals on the island want to isl take the rock that was wedgedwa
5:54 pm
into the side of the ship andshp mounts it as a memorial to thoso who died. a look what's next?ne >> new at 6:00, holder in theho hot seat, a major decision thatj could change the course of theo attorney general's career. and what's next for the justice department?? >> gambling on slots inlots the public has its final chance itto way in on where expanded gaming will be a royal flush. >> anti obesity campaign in the big apple spreads to other parts of the country. where sugary, super sized drinks may be banned next. xt.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a new name at the top ofe to hollywood's highest paid actress list. >> kristen stewart has passed
5:58 pm
angelina jolie.ngel she has made about $34.5 millio$ from may 2011 and last the runner up is cameron teeca assist who barely missed the list, and sandra bullock was third. jolie has about fourth, and they theron is 5th. >> 5 million, i'm cool withco that!o >> good thfor you. we've heard there's noard crying in baseball, but basketball? that's not the case. >> the miami heat will beatill oklahoma city, in game 3 of the nba finals, and it might be too much for this thunder fan to take. will. >> i don't like -- it's no fair! >> you don't like lebron james? >> i hate him! >> why?
5:59 pm
>> wow. i feel like one of our producers may had something to do with this.. >> this little 6-year-oldl thunder fan's melt down isdo making waves on youtube. the parents are trying toy console him.inol we wonder what will happen if the thunder lose? >> he was probably up too late. >> let him watch it on the dvr tomorrow. >> poor baby. thanks for joining us today. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news at 6:00. >> let's start were a weatherher alert, several advisories are in effect. to the scorching temperatures.m >> brian, it's still spring for one more hour, but as tom said, summer is coming in like


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